Metaverse and Digital Twins

Project Brief:  
NK URBAN SPACE office interactive walkthrough visualization. The project include interactive functions such as changeable materials at Realtime, location map of character, project information and website link of client. With this Realtime technology we can eliminate time for client consulting, construction misunderstanding and also facilities management. Near future we will update this to digital twin.        


Digital Technology Services

Sector Description

MKI provides various visual imagery creations as a direct and great impact on viewers. MKI’s digital technology delivers seamless services from the preparation of design and 3D modelling to the creation of variety of platforms such as Virtual Reality (VR) Apps, Augmented Reality (AR) Apps, Interactive App Creation and 3D Animation Videos. As BIM/CIM has been widely applied in many countries including Japan, MKI totally supports advanced planning, design, construction through BIM/CIM. Using services for these digital technologies can significantly reduce risks and unforeseen errors in design and construction stages.


Interacting Technology Services 

Project name

Metaverse and Digital Twins

Project Location and Timeline 

Metaverse and Digital Twins