Environmental & Social Business

Due to increased awareness of environmental and climate change issues, environmental protection laws and regulations become stringent and projects are required to comply with the required standards for environmental protection. We offer services to ensure projects deliver positive outcomes for the environment and all stakeholders. Our blend of engineering, environmental, and institutional experts can provide concrete and innovative solutions to address the salient issues impacting the environment and climate today.


Climate Change and Carbon Management

❖ Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculation

❖ Climate change projection

❖ Climate change risks assessment

❖ Adaptation and mitigation measures planning

❖ Renewable energy & energy efficiency

❖ Carbon credit-related study


Environmental & Social Clearance and Due Diligence

❖ Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

❖ Environmental and social management system/plan (ESMS/ESMP)

❖ Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)

❖ Environmental and social due diligence

❖ Occupational health and safety management

❖ Hazardous substance management such as asbestos


Environmental Management Service

❖ Baseline survey

❖ Environmental monitoring and analysis

❖ Distributor of RION’s acoustics & vibration measuring equipment

Social Consideration

❖ Involuntary resettlement and livelihood restoration planning

❖ Stakeholder engagement

❖ Detailed measurement survey on land acquisition

❖ Socio-economic/social survey

❖ Gender mainstreaming-related study

❖ Humanitarian Assessment


Other Services

❖ Solid waste management

❖ Biodiversity and ecosystem management

❖ Remote sensing, satellite image analysis and GIS

❖ Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis

❖ Capacity development & trainings

❖ Project evaluation and review

❖ Data collection by using AI